Best Magento One Step Checkout extension

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Magento One Step Checkout by Amasty


  • Different layout types
  • Multiple visual options
  • Custom title & description
  • Google Address Auto Suggest
  • Location auto detection
  • Credit card detector
  • Edit products quantity
  • Fast checkout for guest visitors
  • Modify checkout fields
9.0 $169 Visit Details
Magento One Step Checkout by OneStepCheckout


  • General UX Features
  • Field Management
  • Review & Cart
  • Shipping and Payment
  • Fully Customizable
  • Auto-Suggest Address
  • Auto-update the data
  • Confirm Tax/VAT number
  • Support for multi store with variety layout
8.8 $245 Visit Details
Magento One Step Checkout by FireCheckout


  • 5 checkout page layouts
  • Checkout Success Page
  • Checkout Fields Manager
  • Google Address Autocomplete
  • Order Attachments
  • Delivery Date & time
  • Tax Vat Validation
  • Additional content sections
  • Improved Terms & Conditions block
  • MultiLanguage checkout page
8.5 $189 Visit Details
Magento One Step Checkout by Aheadworks


  • AJAX technology
  • Responsive design
  • Extra fields
  • Cross-sells appearing
  • Discount activation
  • May be split for shipping and billing
8.5 $159 Visit Details

Best Magento 2 One Step Checkout extensions

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Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Mageplaza Mageplaza
  • Address Suggestion
  • Optimized Checkout page
  • 100% payment methods are compatible
  • Easy to customize
  • Recover Abandoned Carts
  • Custom Checkout fields
  • Trust Badges
  • Advanced Quick Cart
9.5 $199 Visit Details
Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Amasty


  • Mobile responsive Classic theme
  • Display delivery date and time options
  • Easily customize the block title
  • Analyze the checkout performance
  • Accept popular payment methods
  • Edit order details right on the checkout
9.2 $319 Visit Details
Magento 2 One Step Checkout by MageBees


  • Auto-fill shipping address for logged-in customers
  • Allow customers to remove and edit the quantity for products
  • Field Management
  • Delivery Date
  • TAX/VAT Number Validation
  • Customize the success page
  • Static CMS Block
  • Terms and Conditions section in the checkout page
8.5 $99 Visit Details
Magento 2 One Step Checkout by OneStepCheckout


  • Load a fast checkout page
  • Country auto-fill with GeoIP localization
  • Disable unnecessary fields
  • Built-in delivery date feature
  • Auto-update available shipping rates
  • Easy to installation, customize CSS
9.0 $485 Visit Details

Magento one step Checkout extension

From the perspective of customers, it’s incredibly frustrating to go through enticing stages on the shopping journey with beautiful interface design, easy navigation, and then a complicated and annoying checkout flow ends the whole mood. 

What an awful experience that not even a single customer has to suffer. 

And that’s why Magento One Step Checkout appears to rescue both customers and Magento store owners. Customers can complete their purchase easily and painlessly while eCommerce stores can reduce a significant percentage of cart abandonment.  

Let’s explore Magento One Step Checkout extension in the nitty-gritty following; understand what it is, why it’s important, and outstanding features that make it a must-have for any Magento eCommerce store. 

What is Magento One Step Checkout extension? 

Magento One Step Checkout is an effective and necessary extension that simplifies the checkout process for Magento stores. 

Magento One Step Checkout gets customers rid of lengthy checkout by reducing checkout pages and steps. It eliminates as many as possible difficulties and obstacles in the checkout process so that customers can get what they want with ease. 

As known in general, eCommerce stores still continue to battle cart abandonment mainly because of one of the major reasons customers: complicated and unfriendly checkout. This number might give you quite a shock, but around 87% of online shoppers abandon their carts during the checkout if it is too long and complicated.  

That’s why since Magento One Step Checkout was launched, the module consolidates itself into a powerful and efficient weapon for any Magento store. 

Magento store owners racking their brains to optimize the default Magento checkout now can completely rely on this useful and pocket-friendly extension. 

The benefits of Magento One Step Checkout extension

Reduce the checkout time 

Magento One Step Checkout reduces the checkout time by getting rid of unnecessary steps in the default checkout and collaborates all the important options into a simple checkout. It’s super quick and easy for customers to complete all the checkout fields. With this module, the average time for eCommerce checkout is getting faster across all devices. 

Reduce customer abandonment

When the checkout improves both flow and speed, customers will be more willing and satisfied to make payment for items on their carts. It’s as clear as a day that the abandoned carts will be decreased. 

Boost conversion rate 

Attracting customers to your website and browsing your products page are all challenging aspects if you’re running an online store. But navigating customers through an entire shopping journey and persuading them to make a final purchase completed are even greater challenges. When they add items to their cart but leave right at the checkout, you just lose them at the point of purchase. 

And this leaves a high bounce rate at the checkout. Therefore, it’s important to capture customers’ peace of mind as quickly as possible when they go to the checkout stage. They’ll stay until the checkout completes, and it increases the conversion rate. 

Baymard Institute, after nine years of large-scale checkout testing, estimated that checkout optimization could increase conversion rate by 35.26%. Online stores will lose a large number of conversions if the checkout still creates difficulties for customers. 

Increase customer experience and online sales

Modern online shoppers not only want quality products; they want “fast” – fast website loading, fast customer service response, fast checkout, fast delivery, etc. In other words, they stick out for superior customer experience. 

Frankly, if eCommerce business doers do not focus on improving customer experience, they can barely expect good results, even bring home zero achievements. Once they do and want to make it count, investing in checkout optimization never goes wrong as it also impacts drastically on online sales. 

That One Step Checkout shortens and simplifies the checkout process removes customers’ biggest obstacle in online shopping. It’s one of the most effective ways to enhance customers’ satisfaction and also the biggest incentive to boost sales. Not to mention, it’s researched that online customer satisfaction leads to repurchase. 

Stop stuffing too much information

The checkout process of an online store is lengthy and complicated because it contains too much required information. Too many questions are asked, and too many fields for customers to fill. It’s common that the same question is asked twice if tons of checkout-related information mix up in many multiple pages. It’s no use to flesh out too much information here. 

Magento One Step Checkout simplifies the process of checkout by eliminating redundant information and keeping the necessary ones. It shortens the checkout process on one page only, yet ensures the information customers need to provide is adequate to validate their payments.   

Outstanding features of Magento One Step Checkout extension

Optimize one-page checkout

Optimize one-page checkout

Customers will no longer have to suffer boring lengthy checkout pages as Magento One Step Checkout shows all the necessary information on one page only. With one click, customers can access the checkout page and know what information they need to provide right away. 

No unnecessary details are included in this optimized checkout page. And customers don’t have to go back and forth multiple times to finish the checkout form. The checkout fields are well-arranged and neatly displayed so that customers can quickly and easily complete it. 

Automatically suggest address

Google auto address suggestion is enabled, making it more convenient for customers to fill in their addresses at the checkout. The suggesting address will appear in the drop-down list after customers type some characters of their addresses. They will see their address immediately without typing the whole details. This saves a lot of time for customers.

GeoIP is also enabled to detect customers’ location based on their IP address, so the default country can be set automatically. 

Customizable design and simplicity

Customizable design and simplicity

Magento One Step Checkout not only eases customers’ bane at the checkout but also make it easier for store owners to utilize and customize the module. The module is built with 100% open-source code is designed with the most simple and customizable layout. 

You can change the color of the checkout page to match your theme color. If you want to change the position for information fields, just drag and drop the fields and place them at appropriate positions. 

You can also remove unnecessary fields if you think it would make your checkout page better. This optimal One Step Checkout extension is developed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Customers will not be distracted by too much redundant information and steps. They can check out on the fly. 

User and mobile-friendly interface

There are no longer difficulties and complexity in the checkout process. The user-friendly interface of the checkout page enables customers to understand the whole page and what they have to do quickly. Customers can easily fill all the fields as the page only asks for common checkout information such as name, address, card number, etc. 

Moreover, the module is incredibly responsive and friendly across devices. Whether you’re checking out from desktop or smartphone, the process runs smoothly without any differences.

Auto-fill customer information 

Aside from auto-filling country, Magento One Step Checkout also makes it more convenient for customers who repurchase. It will be frustrating and time-wasting for a non-first-time customer to check out on your store if they have to refill out their information repeatedly. Now the information can be saved automatically that makes the next checkout faster. 

So if someone is a returning customer on your store, the auto-fill will be engaged for shipping and billing addresses when they log in their existing accounts. 

Payment compatibility

Payment compatibility with One step checkout

One of the most common checkout issues that dissatisfy customers is the lack of payment methods. Online stores do not give customers multiple payment options, which leads to a large number of abandoned carts. 

Magento One Step Checkout solves this problem by offering several popular payment methods. Customers from all over the world can choose to check out with their preferred payment method. All the payment methods are highly-secured and easy to process. They include Paypal, Stripe, SagePay, Credit Card, Skrill,, 2Checkout, OnePay, etc.  

Recover abandoned carts 

Abandoned carts are the bane of eCommerce store existence. An optimized checkout process can reduce abandonment rates significantly. 

If a customer leaves their cart and does not complete the purchase, an email will be sent automatically to them to remind them of the abandoned carts. In this email, you can offer customers an appealing discount or give them a coupon code as an incentive for them to return to your store. 

You can prepare effective email content with available email templates before sending them to customers. An insightful report is also available so that you can track and update the abandonment rates in real-time to immediately deal with them. 

Support multilingual checkout 

The language in the checkout page is customized based on customers’ countries. It’s more convenient and easy for them to check out in their own languages. This creates personalized experiences for customers and fulfills their needs. 

Review and edit cart and checkout information 

With Magento One Step Checkout, customers can review their cart details and checkout information. In case they want to change any things on their cart, such as changing the products, adding, reducing the number of selected items, or even removing some products from the cart, it’s easy to edit the cart details right on the checkout page, thanks to a well-functioned pop-up. 

If they fill out the wrong information at the checkout page, such as the wrong card number or address, they can also edit without difficulty.

Display trusted badges to increase security & trustworthiness

Display trusted badges on checkout page

Customers care most about whether their private information is leaked or used for malicious purposes. If someone leaks out their important information such as card number, bank account information, or phone number, it is a severe issue. Therefore, online stores must ensure that all customers’ information provided at the checkout process is safe. This makes them more willing to spend money on your products. 

You can increase your online store’s trustworthiness and the checkout process, in particular, by adding trusted badges to the checkout page. One of the best ways is displaying them right under the list of payment methods so that customers can easily see and solidify the incredibility in their minds. They can quickly fill out their personal information without hesitation. 

Convenient login and checkout as guest

with one step checkout customers can checkout as guest

Another noticeable feature of Magento One Step Checkout is that it allows customers to log in and check out as guests quickly. These two disadvantages greatly stimulate customers to check out. 

Customers can either log in, register a new account right on the checkout page to make payment more quickly, or check out as a guest. 

According to Smart Insights’ statistics in 2019, 35% of customers abandoned their carts because the site wanted them to create an account to check out. With Magento One Step Checkout extension, customers can check out as guests. It means they do not have to create an account to pay for what they buy. Checkout as a guest is definitely an essential feature for any online store as it can decrease the risk of cart abandonment.

Instantly apply coupon

Instantly apply coupon on one step checkout page

With Magento One Step Checkout, customers can use the coupon codes they own at the checkout page, no need for any confirmation or additional information. The price after applying coupons will be automatically calculated and updated following the cart’s initial total price. 

Order comment and gift wrap

Order comment and gift wrap in one page checkout

The module enables customers to leave comments on their order at the checkout page. That’s a great way to add personalization to your service as well as customer experience. 

Usually, customers will have more expectations of your service than what you give them on site. You can take satisfaction from customers if you let them tell about their hidden needs and wants. What’s more, the message customers leave is also helpful for you in product preparation and delivery. 

Besides, customers have the gift wrap option if they want to order something as a gift for others. With one-click online, their order will be wrapped beautifully like in an off-line shop. They can also leave messages for the receivers. In this way, you can make customers feel appreciated, and their shopping time is more enjoyable.