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Nowadays, the perfect measure of success in e-commerce market is how many loyal customers who frequently place orders you have instead of those who create single purchase at your store. So how to increase the interaction between customers and store owners and establish the great consumption cycle on your website?

Magento Reward Points extension will allow earning unlimited reward points as well as use them flexibly as payment methods if need. The customers will get points by signing up, buying any product, or sharing via social channels, etc. By this way, it is not complicated to build the loyal customer network supplying the number of leads for the merchants.

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The following are the helpful features which should be contained in the effect Loyalty Program. Check it out!

Reward registrations

A small gift as reward points which is given for registered customers is a big motivation as well as the first step to convert them into loyal audiences at your store.

Reward purchases

On Product Detail page, Reward Points program will show the points awarded to the buyer right after the order is completed. The point amount is set by you in the Magento Admin.

Reward subscriptions

Enable customers to earn the reward points when they permit subscribing your newsletter via email. Thus, they can add more points to their accounts while you are allowed to notify them about any promotion programs, take them back your store and purchase more regularly.

Reward sharings

Social networks are becoming an essential part of our lives and it is wasted if the e-commerce merchants do not use the social channel to advertise their brand in the market. By installing Magento Reward Points extension, the sharing via social media is highly encouraged due to the exciting prize as 10 points or 20 points when the clients only need to click on the social button. Thanks to that, the awareness of your brand is enhanced dramatically with the much lower cost.

Reward reviews/rating

Make a great effort to generate social proofs by donating some points for each customer’s review or rating your products. This is the effective method to boost your online sales.

Reward customer’s birthday

Especially, Loyalty Program also let store owners give the gift along with the best wishes on customer’s birthday in order to show the concern about the previous clients. Simultaneously, the recipients will feel that they are respected.

Reward special events

With Magento Reward Points, store admin can configure event rules. The rules will auto-send points to the certain customer groups on the special occasions like New Year, Halloween, Noel or any event. Moreover, for more convenience, there is no need to set up again, the rules can be repeated simply monthly, yearly,.... by CMS Block.


The advanced Loyalty Program allows customers to earn points or change the current group with different benefits if they reach one of the lifetime events you offer. For example, the customer will be transferred from Silver Group to Golden Group and he will receive three times purchase rewards as much as normal.


Owning one client can be said that you have a huge number of potential customers behind him which helps you earn more and more profits. To explore the treasure, let encourage customers to introduce your products to their friends and they are rewarded for that.

The customers not only share via multiple social networks even email but also use available link or coupon to refer. The coupon will be generated in bulk by store admin and designed by many eye-catching templates which are sent through email.

Points using

Depending on store owner’s earning and spending rule settings, the customers will get a number of reward points and use them as different roles:

Payment method

The reward points are called as a fantastic payment method because it is used in the payment process or places the cash totally for exact items. The clients only need to slide the bar to spend points on paying order. Or it is faster by selecting the Using max points checkbox. The conversion rate will be set in the store admin.

In case the order using the reward points as a payment method is canceled, the paid points get back 100% to their account without losing.

Transfer points

The earned points can be also shared as a little gift with other if need. The transferring points just require friend’s email and wanted point amount in order to finish it.

Points configuration

Reward Points module surely brings the outstanding features and helps most of Magento stores build the fantastic loyalty program, however, it is totally flexible to customize as you need. Particularly as:

Point Label

You can use multiple names to set your reward labels such as coins, dollars, flowers, pounds, etc.

Point Expiration

As an administrator, you have rights to accept your customers to use the loyalty points they earn forever or set the expiration for the points. The point expiration is a great way so that you encourage the clients to earn and spend the reward points, that means the customer’s experiences on your store is being raised.

And obviously, an email notification about the point expiration is sent to the customer before the point is inactive.

Chart report

With the extension, you can track the effectiveness of loyalty program effortless due to Report Plugin. The advanced report provides the clear and detailed statistic about Spending/Earning Ratio, Earnings Distribution, A loyal customer cost, and Total Points. Thus, store owners will judges generally and give a right solution.


Importer plugin reduces the risk of losing Magento data to zero when you change Magento Reward Points module. One-click to import fast directly from ST Rewards, MS Reward Points, AW Reward Points, MW Reward Points and so on. On the other hand, the export is available into CSV file.


1. Can I install Reward Points module by myself?

You can absolutely do it. We will sent Installation file which contains clear and detailed instructions for you. If you have any trouble, let contact us and we are willing to support you.

2. How to custom the point label?

You will custom the label from Magento Admin. The name might be coins, pounds, dollars or anything to match with your brand.

3. What can I import?

Reward Points module allows importing many data related to your store such as customer accounts, customer’s point balance, transactions,and so on.

4. Can I apply the module for my multiple stores?

Yes, you can.

5. Do customer track the point balance?

The point balance is shown on the individual customer account and the clients follow regularly.

6. What languages is supported apart from English?

The module supports multiple popular languages such as English, German, France, etc.

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