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Magento Support services is “the key-point” in order to open “the success-door” of e-Commerce space. The best support is making everything be ready for the fantastic service of Magento store. Downtime and site issues can hurt your online bussiness and effect your image negitively. The Magecheckout team of Magento professionals at the ready to ensure that your online store remains online, sustainable and competitive at all times.

  • Pay as you go
  • Emergency support
  • Low support fee
  • Performance Support

Magento 1 & Magento 2


A Magento 2 Support solution for every situation!

Pay as you go

Should you find yourself facing an issue with your Magento eCommerce platform, The Magecheckout can investigate the cause of the problem and provide a resolution with our Pay As You Go solution. Designed for companies that are not already enlisted to one of our Support Packages, Pay as you go will enable you to draw on the expertise of The Magecheckout if you solely need to focus on a specific problem.

Support packages

Our Support Packages cover a wide variety of preventative and reactive measures that are designed to handle any issue you may face. With a range of options designed to suit the requirements of various scenarios, The Magecheckout’s Support Packages provide the comfort of knowing that our team of experts are always available to handle any problems you may face.

Emergency support!

With a guaranteed prompt response time our Emergency Support is designed to handle the worse case scenarios that you may come to face. We understand the consequences that problems cause to your business, so take assurance that by enlisting the support of The Magecheckout you’ll have a team of experts working diligently to find a solution in the quickest manner.


Deeply awareness of the importance of effective Magento 2 support, we offer the Start Package with a complete level of service, including greater out of office support, extra time and advanced on-site monitoring.


About Start Package ($125):

  • Time support: 5 hours

  • Best Price Guarantee: $25/ hour

  • No long-term contracts

  • Pay as you go


Key features:

  • Support Service

Our support staff is on hand to solve the things on your site don’t work as expected how to meet your needs. The issue will be responded clearly and rapidly.

  • Communication

There is no trouble in requiring our support system http://support.magecheckout.com. Let use Live Chat box, Email and even Skype to get the fast response from us.

  • Magento Upgrade

Magecheckout is proud of taking responsibility for all Magento version upgrades. Keeping the store fully up to date helps maintain performance and reliability, and will also provide increased functionality as new features are added.

  • Magento Performance Support

A fast performance is the main competitive factor in e-commerce market because a few seconds can put off potential shoppers. Therefore, our team support will ensure your site gain the best performance and speed.

  • Website, Security Monitoring 24/7: alert site down via email, SMS, Phone call, Google Hangouts 

  • Extension support

    • According to PriceGrabber, 70% of clients say they would remain loyal to certain retailers because of good customer service. That is the reason why we always make the best effort to satisfy all needs during the process of using Magento extensions. You can offer requests to improve your store better such as fix Magento error, custom extensions as you think they should be done, etc.
  •  SEO & Marketing optimization

     How to drive a large of traffic to e-Commerce site?” is the question which can be clearly solved by SEO & Marketing tools. Our SEO support service will give the useful advice about maintaining top organic SEO ranking along with constant keyword monitoring and content reworking. We guarantee the offered SEO tips help your site’s accessibility be greater and work effectively on White Hat SEO with Latest Google, Yahoo, Bing Search Engine Algorithms.



    Feel free to contact us here

Additional Info

  • Pay as you go
  • Emergency support
  • Low support fee
  • Performance Support
Mage Version Magento 1 & Magento 2
Can Show Under Highlight block No
Magento Platform Magento 2
Magento Connect URL No


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